Tailoring - Finer Details

At The Cotswold Tailor we are often asked what the difference is between a bespoke suit and one bought ‘off the peg’. As well as the quality of fabrics, superior fit/comfort and durability, another key point is the ability to make ones suit your own. Personalisation and individuality is a big part of getting a tailored suit and is a good way of making a rather ordinary suit stand out from the crowd. It is the attention to detail and finer aspects of the tailored suit which when brought together make such a visual difference.  

Below are some of the finer aspects of our tailored suits:

Coloured button holes are becoming increasingly popular. Often The Cotswold Tailor clients will have either the lapel button hole or the last button hole on the cuff in a contrasting colour. It is an attractive way of personalising the suit. Choosing a thread colour for the button hole that matches the lining of the suit works particularly well, especially for tailored wedding suits where there might be a colour scheme.


Hand Stitched Lapel – At The Cotswold Tailor we use edge stitching as a fine and subtle detail expressing the high level of attention and skill that has gone into each of our handmade tailored suits. Commonly we use edge stitching on the lapel, around pockets, parallel with vents and even sometimes on the shoulders. Edge stitching looks particularly good on plain materials where it can add a subtle interest to what otherwise could be a rather ordinary suit.

Real Horn buttons- At The Cotswold Tailor we use real horn or mother of pearl buttons on all of our suits, jackets and trousers. The imperfections of the natural horn, adds character as well as individualising the garment.

Embroidery – Like marmite you will probably either love the idea of suit embroidery or hate it. Embroidery can be a nice way of personalising your suit, particularly for special occasions. However, in my personal opinion to avoid the risk of it looking tacky, initials usually look best.  


There are a whole host of ways in which we can personalise your tailored garment. For more information speak to your fitter during your first fitting and we will happily discuss the various bespoke options available.