Tailored Tweed Jackets

The Cotswold Tailor has long been renowned for its ability to make classic tailored tweed jackets, as well as more contemporary bespoke tweed jackets. Our tweed jackets are tailored using a large selection of some of the finest tweeds available, including some fine examples of the legendary Harris Tweed. Whether being worn as a casual tweed jacket or a working shooting tweed jacket we can recommend tweed to best match your needs.


Tweed is a great versatile fabric. It provides warmth, water resistant and a full spectrum of colours, making it a fascinating fabric to work with. Unfortunately in recent years there has been an influx of cheaper imitation tweeds from China and the like. Cheap tweed jackets have littered our high streets with ill fitting, poor cut tweed jackets. The Cotswold Tailor is trying to change this, one tweed jacket at a time. Our clients bespoke tweed jackets are cut to over 20 of their unique body measurements and have a full range of individual customisations available. The perfect fit coupled with their bespoke styles make our tweed jackets stand out from the crowd for all of the right reasons.

We are also tailoring an increasing number of bespoke three piece tweed suits and two piece tweed suits. Tweed wedding suits are also becoming increasingly popular once more. The variety of weights and colours that tweed comes in makes it perfect for a full range of uses, from tweed country suits for the weekend, to lighter weight tweed business suits.

To find out more about the variety of tailoring options available using tweed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.