Tailored Summer & Travel Suits

For some of my clients the travel suit is a necessary and important part of their wardrobe. Individuals that regularly fly as part of business need to be confident that their suit will look as good arriving at the destination as it did on departing. Furthermore, for clients visiting hotter climates, a lighter weight suit, known as a summer suit is an important consideration.

Cloth selection is a fundamental part of getting the tailored summer or travel suit right. It is essential that the cloth chosen is fit for purpose. There are many different options available when picking cloths for crease resistant, lightweight suits, the following are some good alternatives:

William Halstead ‘Explorer Range’ – This wool and mohair range has been specifically designed with travel in mind. The distinctive construction of the cloths produces a crisp, dry handle, perfect for tailored travel suits. It is important not to overlook the significance of mohair in William Halstead’s travel suit range. Mohair is a fantastic cloth for making tailored summer and travel suits for the following reasons:

  • Durability - Mohair can be twisted without damage to the fibre: it is the most durable of all animal fibres.
  • Strength - Mohair is stronger than steel of the same diameter
  • Resistance to soiling - the smooth scales stop dirt being trapped in the fabrics. 
  • Shrink resistance - Mohair fabrics shrink much less than wool because mohair's smooth fibres do not felt. 
  • Elasticity - Mohair is very elastic, it can be stretched up to 30% and will spring back to shape: mohair garments resist wrinkling, stretching or sagging. 
  • Moisture transfer - Mohair easily absorbs and releases moisture, moving perspiration away from the skin. It is comfortable to wear in cold and hot climates. 
  • Lustre - One of mohair's most important qualities is its ability to take dye and to display brilliant colours that resist fading by time or hard-wear. 
  • Lightweight - Mohair's smooth fibres can be made into fabrics that have a cooling effect making it perfect for summer garments.
Dugdale Bros & Co ‘Linens and cottons’ – Linen is a classic summer fabric and often the first port of call for individuals looking to keep cool, in hotter climates. Often Lighter colors are beneficial as they help to reflect the sunlight. However, beige linen can look dated, and often benefits from some contemporary twists. Nevertheless, linen fabrics are not without their faults. Anyone that has worn a linen suit will appreciate just how badly it creases. Worn causally as an unstructured linen jacket or relaxed fitting linen trousers, the creases can add to the more casual look. For summer business suits one is better off opting for a linen blend. Silk/linen and cotton/linen blends are often applied to get around the above problems.

In general, fabrics with a loose weave are going to be better suited to warmer climates. This is because the fabrics can breathe. As such the increased air circulation helps to keep the wearer cool. Individuals going to particularly hot climates might ask about unstructured or half lined jackets. Being a tighter weave fabric, linings can inhibit the breath-ability of one’s summer suit.

The Cotswold Tailor can tailor a wide range of summer and travel suits, including:

  • Tailored linen suits
  • Tailored travel suits
  • Tailored summer suits
  • Tailored linen jackets
  • Tailored summer wedding suits
  • Relaxed fit summer jackets