Tailored Business Suit

A well tailored suit is a must for every businessman’s wardrobe. It’s a form of self branding and not to be overlooked. At the risk of sounding a bit cliché, first impressions really do matter. There is no finer first impression than that made by a well tailored business suit. Tailoring business suits has been the backbone of our tailoring since opening in 2008 and continues to be today. Although trends come and go, The Cotswold Tailor house style, leans towards a more traditional English cut, in one, two and three button styles. However,these classical cut suits are by no way dated. There is a full spectrum of bespoke options available, enabling our clients to individualise their garments if desired, with contemporary twists.  


At The Cotswold Tailor we work closely with our clients ensuring their new tailored business suit is fit for purpose. At the first fitting we will gather information about, when, where and how often the business suit will be worn. We can then recommend cloths and styles most appropriate for you and your work. With thousands of cloths available, there is something for everyone, from tailored three piece tweed suits, classic two button herringbone suits, lightweight crease resistant summer business suits to heavy and durable winter tailored suits.

By basing ourselves in a modest studio in the Cotswolds, it means that as well as being a commutable distance from London, we are also able to offer luxury tailored suits at affordable prices.