The Cotswold Tailor, tailors using a handpicked selection of some of the finest British Cloths available. Each of our cloth merchants are regularly used in Savile Row and are good examples of what the British cloth industry has to offer the world of tailoring. When coupled with The Cotswold Tailors expert tailoring, and contemporary designs, these cloths truly come alive.


The only fabric in the world whose production is protected by an Act of Parliament. Harris Tweed is historic, iconic and highly fashionable, not to mention hard wearing! It is Harris Tweeds durability and warmth that makes it a perfect cloth for any number of country jackets: including our famous tailored shooting suits or Harris Tweed tailored hacking jackets. Each cloth is reflective in colour of its native islands. A traditional cloth that combined with contemporary tailoring is timeless.


Founded in 1938 by Otto Hertz, Scabal was originally a cloth merchant and supplier of fabrics. His successor is JP Thissen, who is assisted by his son Gregor Thissen, the third generation of the family owned business. Through the aquisition of fabric brand Wainshiell, Scabal traces a history back to the 18th century.Today Scabal employs almost 600 staff worldwide. Over the years Scabal has evolved into a producer of top quality fabrics to the most prestigious tailors and textile businesses around the world. 

Pleasant to touch, refined style and traditional craftsmanship are the characteristics of the 5,000 fabrics available at Scabal for jackets, suits, trousers, overcoats and shirts. Twice a year Scabal launches up to fifteen new collections, incorporating all the new fabric trends. Whether you are in love with light and fine fabrics, or a gentleman whose loyalty lies with traditional fabrics or someone who is able to change fabrics with the seasons, you will always find a fabric to suit your specific tastes. Scabal has made a careful selection of the noblest raw materials: pure worsted wool, cashmere, silk, mohair, vicuna etc. You are able to design your outfit made in plain, striped, checked, fil à fil, herringbone, houndstooth, caviar etc


William Halstead

The company was founded in 1875 in Bradford by William Halstead (1815-1924). Late in 1889 with the business expanding rapidly, William built Stanley Mills to which the company transferred in 1890 and still operates from today.

William continued to work at Stanley Mills until he died in his office at the mill in 1924 after 53 years in the business.

Since then the business has been run by a further five members of the family until in 2006 the company was acquired by SIL Holdings Ltd, another Bradford based family textile business. SIL are one of the largest speciality fibre manufacturers and merchants in the world.

The company is one of just a handful of manufacturers left in the UK who, with its highly skilled, dedicated and experienced workforce, still weave every metre of our production on our own Dornier looms here in the mill.This “in house” weaving enables them to ensure the highest standard of quality control is applied at every stage of the production process, from receipt of raw material through to final inspection.There weaving shed is equipped with modern and technically high speed rapier Dornier weaving machines which are linked directly to a computer controlled production system.



Marling and Evans (Cotswold Woolen Weavers) have produced fine woollen-spun West of England cloth for the last 400 years. We are fortunate enough to be a stones throw away from this quintessential English weaver. We have access to a wide variety of cloths ranging from classic British twills and flannel to country tweeds. This cloth lends itself to country suits (perfect for the races) and bespoke overcoats.



Huddersfield Fine Worsteds are situated in the heartland of the English textile industry. These cloths incorporate over 100 years of British style, elegance and quality. The range incorporates house-hold brands with Royal Warrants such as John G Hardy and Hunt & Winterbotham.The Cotswold Tailor uses the diversity offered by such cloth ranges to tailor business suits, morning suits and bespoke country attire.


A classic collection of English fine worsted fabrics. Dugdale Bros offer some of the most comprehensive ranges of cloths ranging from luxury lightweight cloths to traditional English medium weights in typically elegant and understated designs. Dugdale materials are inspired by their British heritage and have become a staple for business executives and professionals.